Killjoys (S03E10) "Wargasm"

First off let’s rejoice that Killjoys doesn’t just get 1 but 2 more seasons and is allowed to give closure to fans in Season 5!… More

Killjoys (S03E07) "The Wolf You Feed"

Dutch and Zeph are having a girls’ night with Zeph finding memories in Khlyen’s remnant. D’avin and Johnny meanwhile are trying to operate their Hullen fleet ships but don’t have much luck when they go out of control killing two test pilots.… More

Killjoys (S03E06) "Necropolis Now"

Working out your problems with alcohol would be so much easier if your metabolism wasn’t so high, which is the problem Dutch was having as she tried to drown her sorrows in drink as they headed to a funeral for their fallen comrades.… More