Lucifer (S02E17) “Sympathy For The Goddess”

Lucifer, Amenadiel and Charlotte are in need of the final piece of the Flaming Sword. They use the human Charlotte’s client list and find a client who could help them by hooking them up with an ancient artifact.… More

Lucifer (S02E16) “God Johnson”

This had to be the funniest episode of “Lucifer” yet! We start with Lucifer being pushed on a gurney saying that he wasn’t the devil and made it all up.… More

The Magicians (S02E13) “Little Cakes”

The episode begins with Ember giving us a run down about the creation of Fillory from season 1 to now. Giving his own spin on things you see that yeah Ember is a huge jerk (he didn’t let Martin back into Fillory because he was uncomfortable looking at Martin after he was molested; poor Martin!).… More

The Magicians (S02E12) “Ramifications”

Julia carried Alice’s shade from the Underworld and helps Quentin and Mayakovsky bring Alice back to human form. Niffin Alice is needless to say less than pleased but they manage to bring her back but the human Alice is also less than thrilled to be back in one piece.… More