Billions (S02E11) “Golden Frog Time”

(Please note: I use “they” in lieu of “her” for Taylor in efforts to be consistent with Taylor’s gender-neutrality).

So here’s what happened:

This episode was pretty efficient in that it focused on all the machinations involved in debuting an IPO, business actors who may have malicious intentions, and how people profit from insider knowledge of such machinations.… More “Billions (S02E11) “Golden Frog Time””

Billions (S02E10) “With or Without You”

(Please note: I use “they” in lieu of “her” for Taylor in an effort to be consistent with Taylor’s gender-neutrality).

So here’s what happened:

Lara took the children and left Axe after she found out Axe had lied to her about whose decision it was to stop the counseling sessions between him and Wendy, and Axe spent the entire episode looking for Lara, visiting her relatives, old haunts, while leaving voicemails ranging from the contrite to ballistic.… More “Billions (S02E10) “With or Without You””

Billions (S02E05):”Currency”

So here’s what happened:

After the suicide of a Developer whose product failed quality assurance testing, a product Axe Capital banked on to shore up their first quarter returns Axe Capital now faced their first-ever downturn and Axe lit into his brokers to find the next biggest idea to salvage his first quarter.… More “Billions (S02E05):”Currency””

Billions (S02E03) “Optimal Play”

So here’s what happened:

Kate Sacher brought Rhoades a lead in their case against Boyd in the form of Flight Attendant McKayla, played by Gia Crovatin. McKayla overheard a stock tip from Boyd and made $24,000 off it, and while the action was perfectly legal Kate wanted play off McKayla’s ignorance of the law in order to bait her into baiting Boyd.… More “Billions (S02E03) “Optimal Play””

Billions (S02E01) “Premiere”

So here’s what happened with our principal characters:

It’s three weeks later since the close of Season 1.

Axe reopened the office, with several new staff additions, and decided to go after Rhoades by aggregating all the grievance cases ever levied against Rhoades into one, big fat lawsuit against Rhoades.… More “Billions (S02E01) “Premiere””