Veep (S07E04) “South Carolina”

Veep has never shied away from its real-life parallels and counterparts, but with this week’s “South Carolina,” the final season hits home a lot of similarities between what’s happening in Selina’s world and how these events mirror our own.… More

Better Things (S03E08) “Easter”

Being a parent, like being a politician- I assume- means a lot of thanklessness from the people you serve. In the case of being a parent, it means a lot of thankless days and nights from your parents.… More

Veep (S07E03) “Pledge”

Never let it be said that Selina Meyer is a woman’s woman. Or even someone who is proud of her gender, because she isn’t.… More

Better Things (S03E07) “Toilet”

Despite so many things being “cleared out” in the aptly named “Toilet,” Sam’s feelings and the repressed emotions she’s had throughout this season never come to the surface.… More

Veep (S07E01) “Iowa”

A lot has happened since the Season Six finale of Veep almost two years ago. What once felt like biting satire feels all too familiar with our ever changing political atmosphere.… More

Better Things (S03E05) “No Limit”

When you’re a motherhood, you’re practically a bonafide superhero. But more than that, you are expected to be able to do anything and everything when an occasion rises.… More

Better Things (S03E04) “Monsters in the Moonlight”

Better Things often feels like a day in the life of Pamela Adlon. I can’t say that for sure because I don’t know what Adlon’s personal life is like, but I can’t imagine that being a single mother with three kids on top of maintaining a career as an actor comes easy.… More

Better Things (S03E03) “Nesting”

Sam’s relationship with Phil is one of the stronger bonds in Better Things. While Phil can be brash and a prat at times, somewhere deep in there is someone who still cares for Sam and her family, albeit while sometimes forgetting who they even are.… More