Better Things (S03E11) “Get Lit”

Frankie Fox. The spirited middle child who always seems to have something to say or wants to challenge authority. Of Sam’s three daughters, Frankie might be the most interesting.… More

Veep (S07E06) “Oslo”

With all of the momentum, it would take an international incident to stop Selina Meyer from returning to the White House.… More

Better Things (S03E10) “Show Me the Magic”

As a show’s lifespan continues from season to season, it gradually matures and evolves. The third season of Better Things greatly exemplifies this, in particular with the focus on, let’s not beat around the bush, getting older.… More

Veep (S07E05) “Super Tuesday”

“Super Tuesday” is super, you know. Again, while it seems like Veep may be setting Selina up for a fall, she’s surprisingly been able to defy the odds and expectations stacked against her.… More

Veep (S07E04) “South Carolina”

Veep has never shied away from its real-life parallels and counterparts, but with this week’s “South Carolina,” the final season hits home a lot of similarities between what’s happening in Selina’s world and how these events mirror our own.… More

Better Things (S03E08) “Easter”

Being a parent, like being a politician- I assume- means a lot of thanklessness from the people you serve. In the case of being a parent, it means a lot of thankless days and nights from your parents.… More

Veep (S07E03) “Pledge”

Never let it be said that Selina Meyer is a woman’s woman. Or even someone who is proud of her gender, because she isn’t.… More