Interview with Sloane Siegel

Interview: Sloane Siegel returns to TV leading as "Dwight," opposite Caitlin Carmichael & Joel McCrary in the 3rd season of "Dwight in Shining Armor,"

Blindspot Catch Up


My holidays were spent catching up on the wonderful new season and reviewing the experience. Here goes nothing:

The storyline so far this season has been an improvement from the overtly gritty second season.More “Blindspot Catch Up”

The Defenders (S01E01) "The H Word"


The lives of New Yorkers hang in the balance again in Netflix’s latest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Defenders. Other than display the evil machinations of The Hand and its leader Alexandra, plays brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver, the pilot is excellent and comprehensive at showing the in’s and out’s of our four heroes’ lives.More “The Defenders (S01E01) "The H Word"”

“No one is like you,” real Gemma Simmons says to Hydrazied Phil Coulson, in a moment that had real character development for both mainstays of the Marvel hit drama as its fourth season hits the homestretch.More “”