3 From Hell Movie Review

Three From Hell is the  surprising third  entry in the Firefly trilogy beginning with House Of 1000 Corpses and it’s follow up The Devil Rejects. I use the word surprising for the fact I like a lot people including myself thought the Firefly family was done at the end of The Devil Rejects for the way that films concluded  but however I was wrong and now we got Three From Hell.… More “3 From Hell Movie Review”

Liverleaf (2018) Movie Review

Liverleaf  is about a girl by the name Haruka Nozaki who is transfer student from Tokyo to another school in a smaller town because of her father work.

Haruka at the start of the film has no friends pretty much except for one  boy by the name Mitsuru Aiba who she speaks to from time to time.… More “Liverleaf (2018) Movie Review”

Death Wish 2018 Movie Review

I just got out from seeing the film Death Wish which is a remake of a film that came out in 1974. The original movie stared Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey a  architect who took to the streets as a unknown  vigilante after both his wife and daughter are brutally attack.… More “Death Wish 2018 Movie Review”

Audition movie review

A love story gone  horribley  wrong is a good way to sum up  Audition.When I first heard about this film it was awhile back when I was watching Bravo top 100 scariest films ever made and the way they sum this film up is pretty well dose do the movie justice.… More “Audition movie review”

Jeepers Creepers Review

Back in 2001 there was a little horror movie called Jeepers Creepers that I remember seeing in theaters when it was was released. This week I bought the blu ray of it and decided to rewatch it to see what I think after my second time viewing it here my review.… More “Jeepers Creepers Review”

Cult Of Chucky Movie Review

Cult Of Chucky is both the recent film in the Child’s Play series along with Seventh installment as well. I must say given the fact these last two films went straight to blu ray and DVD you would think they would lack compared to the other films that went to theaters but oddly enough they don’t.… More “Cult Of Chucky Movie Review”

Kidnap Review

img 8986 - Kidnap ReviewKidnap is a 2017 movie staring Halle Berry originality supposed to be release in 2016 but the studio who was  distributing the film went  bankrupt so the movie had to find a new distributor before being release in theaters.… More “Kidnap Review”

Castlevania Season 1 Review

Netflix new animated series Castlevania is based the popular video game from Konami that first started in 1986 when the first game was released on the orginal Nintendo. Now I will admit I did not play any of the Castlevania games until the Nintendo 64 and I remember how hard that game was when I played it.… More “Castlevania Season 1 Review”