Grey’s Anatomy (S16E18) “Give a Little Bit”

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This weeks episode of greys, despite feeling a lot like a filler,had several hints of new storylines that will be coming up later this season. Here are some moments that stuck out for me this week and things I would like to see in upcoming episodes:

Jo moving on

There were several (not at all subtle) hints showing us that Jo (Camila Luddington) is moving on from her divorce and Alex’s sudden exit.… More “Grey’s Anatomy (S16E18) “Give a Little Bit””

Grey’s Anatomy (S16E15) “Snowblind”

greys anatomy s12e16 - Grey's Anatomy (S16E15) "Snowblind"

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy was centred around a massive snowstorm causing chaos at Grey Sloan memorial, here are some of the main themes/events that caught my attention this episode:

Potential new love triangle

Since the arrival of Dr Hayes (Richard Flood) it has been evident that there is a potential romantic pairing on the cards between himself and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).… More “Grey’s Anatomy (S16E15) “Snowblind””

Unbelievable (2019)

(Trigger warning: discusses the topic of sexual assault)

Last week Netflix released the powerful miniseries Unbelievable, based on true events of a young girls heartbreaking experience of injustice and two female detectives determined to catch a dangerous serial rapist.More “Unbelievable (2019)”

Grey’s Anatomy (S15E21) “The Good Shepherd”

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy was very much centred around Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), which I was very happy about as I have been following Amelia’s story since her first appearance on ‘Private Practice’, and especially since I have felt disappointed by the majority of Amelia’s recent storylines as they have mainly revolved around her unhealthy on and off relationship with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).… More “Grey’s Anatomy (S15E21) “The Good Shepherd””