Our New Baby is Here!! Welcome Our First Nerk!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and kittens….your attention, please!! With much love and dedication, to you, whatever fandom you represent, we give you Nerks of the Hub!!!”

Okay, so what, exactly, **is** a Nerk?More

"Dogged" (2016 indie folk/horror movie)

Lets get the definition out-of-the-way, so you’ll understand: 
“Having or showing the attitude of a person who
wants to do or get something and will not stop
trying : stubborn and determined”. 

In 2016, Richard Rowentree,  writer, director, producer and writer Matthew Davies took an award-winning micro-short film (total run time: 4 minutes) and worked some magic.More

Lovell Adams Gray: Is he the "Guilty Party?"

This young man, whom many may remember from “Dead of Summer,” is HIGHLY talented. With his own production company, and several very interesting films coming out, as well as the much anticipated Netfilx Aaron S.