Fear the Walking Dead (So2E07): “Shiva”


Tonights episode of Fear the Walking Dead, was the mid-season finale & the season will return on August 21 with the remaining episodes. Let me just start by saying I predicted that someone would die at the mid-season finale and I’m surprised they went with Daniel out of all the characters.More

Bates Motel (S04E10): “Norman”


In tonights episode,  alot of things changed for the new opening a new door and dynamic for the storyline for the last season next year. 

Norman starts of with him dreaming of him and his mother when he was young.More

Empire (S02E17): “Rise by Sin”


In this weeks episode of Empire ‘Rise by Sin’ a lot of things went down as usual, but to say I wasn’t expecting that ending is ann understatement. 

Lets start of by saying that CEO looks so good on Cookie, not that anything doesn’t, it’s nice to see her in power finally after she worked so hard, she deserves this.More

The Catch (S01E08): “The Package”


Tonights episode starts off with Alice seeing her therapist who we as the audience know is Margot, and wow does she get straight into it, literally spilling all the secrets about her and Ben.More

Fear the Walking Dead (S02E05): “The Captive”


Five episodes in and the second season of Fear the Walking Dead has vastly improved from the premiere this season which started off quite slowly. 

This opening was much slower and had less action than the previous ones, but I actually liked it the simplicity in the mundane action of making food and getting to know each other, it’s like they were in a bubble and life hadn’t changed and been affected by the virus. Also i just loved the new location of Coopers compound and the isolation of being on the boat surrounded by water and nothing else, it gave off such a post apocalyptic vibe.More

The Catch (S01E07): “The Ringer”


Tonights case involves a missing child with parents undergoing a divorce after just had gone through a custody battle. If thats not drama enough for you,  the writers take it to another level, when it turns out that the father has his wife deemed unfit to win full custody.More