Empire (S02E17): “Rise by Sin”


In this weeks episode of Empire ‘Rise by Sin’ a lot of things went down as usual, but to say I wasn’t expecting that ending is ann understatement. 

Lets start of by saying that CEO looks so good on Cookie, not that anything doesn’t, it’s nice to see her in power finally after she worked so hard, she deserves this.More “Empire (S02E17): “Rise by Sin””

Fear the Walking Dead (S02E05): “The Captive”


Five episodes in and the second season of Fear the Walking Dead has vastly improved from the premiere this season which started off quite slowly. 

This opening was much slower and had less action than the previous ones, but I actually liked it the simplicity in the mundane action of making food and getting to know each other, it’s like they were in a bubble and life hadn’t changed and been affected by the virus. AlsoMore “Fear the Walking Dead (S02E05): “The Captive””

Fear the Walking Dead (S02E03): “Ouroboros”


Let’s just start with the fact that Ouroboros was probably a step up from the last two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead.

The opening scene alone, got me hooked. Plus it was nice to see Fear connecting to the Flight 462 web series, as viewers finally got to meet Alex and Jake who I was surprised to see in that state especially after the interaction he had with Alicia in the first episode.More “Fear the Walking Dead (S02E03): “Ouroboros””