The Affair (S05E06) “506”

Finally, It’s the moment we’ve waited for ever since we were introduced to the adult Joanie (Anna Paquin).  Joanie was front and center serving attitudes, facetiousness and scowls.… More

The Affair (S05E04) 504

This episode of The Affair reopens old wounds for some, while others develop new ones.  A wound will never heal if it has not been properly bandaged.… More

The Affair (S05E02) 502

This episode of The Affair is a constant reminder of the direct racism that people of color still face.  The Affair continues to execute the characters POV brilliantly.… More

The Affair (S04E10) “Season Finale”

The time has come to say goodbye to Showtime’s original series, The Affair…at least for this season. Each season hits a home run, while viewers take an emotional journey: grief, sadness, joy, anger, hurt and anticipation.… More