Betty premieres

The six-part series is about a group of female skateboarders. They create a subculture while gliding beneath New York’s expressways and through its tourist-saturated parks.

Kirt, the group’s laidback leader, cuts through downtown Manhattan on her board, a jug of Arizona iced tea in one hand and her phone, FaceTiming her best friend, Janay, in the other.… More “Betty premieres”

Upload premieres

A sitcom about what happens when we die and how much it costs to be happy there.

Paradise, as such, waits not for the pure of heart, but for the plump of the wallet. Those leaving behind sizable estates or families willing to pay can retire to the Tony Campus of Lakeview.… More “Upload premieres”

Trying premieres

This London-set sad-com invites us into the lives of an unmarried working-class couple. They decide to pursue adoption after an expensive and futile round of IVF. Sadly, It is a grueling true-to-life intricacy.… More “Trying premieres”

Hollywood premieres

The show starts with aspiring actor Jack Castello. He works at a petrol station run as a front for sex work. Jack recruits Archie Coleman, a gay, black aspiring writer to help out with the “guy stuff” he’s not keen on, and Archie soon finds himself developing a relationship with one of his tricks – Roy Fitzgerald.… More “Hollywood premieres”

Love 101 premieres

Set primarily in 1998, the series tells the story of four misfits: Kerem, Eda, Osman, and Sinan. All come from different circles and none of them are friends, but they all get into trouble repeatedly.… More “Love 101 premieres”

Defending Jacob premieres

A driven, respected Massachusetts public servant whose world implodes when his 14-year-old son is accused of murdering a classmate. The big question: Did the boy do it?

Andrew Barber is an assistant district attorney who’s poised for great success.… More “Defending Jacob premieres”

Outer Banks premieres

It tells the story of John B, a cleverly named kid who has basically lived alone since his dad was lost at sea some nine months ago when the story begins, but he’s got good company in his pals: dopey-dangerous JJ, nerdy-quirky Pope, and the resident girl, a politically minded toughie named Kiara.… More “Outer Banks premieres”

The Baker And The Beauty premieres

Daniel Garcia is an expert baker, working in his Cuban-American family’s business, Rafael’s Bakery, which has been in Miami’s Little Havana for 23 years. Rafael and Mari are looking to Daniel to carry the business on at some point, and would love if his younger brother Mateo, took it seriously, as well.… More “The Baker And The Beauty premieres”

Run premieres

Ruby is living the suburban dream. A loving husband, cute children, trips to Target in her SUV. But when she receives a text message simply saying, in all caps, “RUN,” Ruby responds identically, and then, well, runs.… More “Run premieres”

La Línea Invisible premieres

The Invisible Line is a six-part series about the origins story of Spain’s Basque terrorist organization ETA, and its first assassination of José civil guard Antonio Pardines on June 7, 1968 by the young group leader Txabi Etxebarrieta, later the organization’s first member killed in action

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Broke premieres

New on CBS.

Jackie is a single mom who tends bar, struggling to make ends meet, when one day comes the knock on her door: Her estranged sister Elizabeth and her wealthy husband, Javier have arrived unannounced, with Javer’s loyal assistant/driver, Luis in tow.… More “Broke premieres”

Unorthodox premieres

The four-episode miniseries, based on a bestselling memoir, tells the story of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman finding her own path.

Esty, who at 19 leaves her husband of one year, Yanky, for the unknown world outside her ultra-Orthodox enclave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.… More “Unorthodox premieres”

The Nest premieres

A Glasgow-set surrogacy thriller which explores the life-changing consequences of a wealthy couple asking a teenage girl to carry their baby.

Dan and Emily are madly in love and have been trying for a baby for years – with an enormous house in the poshest area of the Glasgow area, the only thing missing from their perfect lives is a child.… More “The Nest premieres”