Bless The Harts premieres

A North Carolina family that’s always broke and forever struggling to make ends meet.

Jenny Hart is a waitress living in North Carolina and in precarious financial situation, which extends to everyone who lives with her: Betty, her zany mother, who prints out hard copies of memes; Violet, her purple-haired and reclusive artist daughter; and Wayne Edwards, her bumbling but gold-hearted boyfriend.… More

World On Fire premieres

The story of the first year of the second world war from Poland, Britain and Berlin.

It is an epic World War Two series following the lives of ordinary people and the challenges they faced during the first years of the war.… More

Skylines premieres

Jinn, a hip hop music producer from Frankfurt, gets involve with organize crime when his record label gets in the business of drug trafficking.… More

Bard Of Blood premieres

Based on Bilal Siddiqui’s book, The Bard of Blood, follows a RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent as he embarks on an action-packed mission.… More

The Politician premieres

The series is the saga of an ambitious Santa Barbara high-school senior named Payton Hobart. Very much a child of privilege, with his eye on Harvard, he has equipped himself with a blueprint to earn him success upon success and ultimately land him in the White House.… More

Evil premieres

Kristen Bouchard is a psychologist with experience working on criminal cases, assessing the cognitive behaviors of individuals accused of the worst crimes imaginable.… More

Carol’s Second Act premieres

A middle-aged woman who chooses to go back to medical school after completing her first career.

A very chipper 50-year-old Carol turns heads on her first day as an intern at Loyola Memorial Hospital.… More

Sunnyside premieres

The show centers on a disgraced New York City councilman who gets hired by a diverse group of hopefuls who dream of becoming American citizens.… More

Perfect Harmony premieres

Arthur Cochran, a former Princeton music professor, is dealing with the death of his wife when he stumbles across some out of tune music coming from a church.… More

The Unicorn premieres

Wade Felton, has been mourning his wife for a year; he and his daughters have reached the stage of acceptance, though the white-hot heat of active grief lifting allows them now to focus on certain confusions they’d been ignoring: How does a family constructed of four people go on, logistically, as three?… More