Wu Assasins premieres

The story follows Kai Jin, a chef living in Chinatown, and his adventures as the Wu Assassin, bearer of the Wu Xing powers.… More

BH90210 premieres

It’s a scripted drama set in an alternate reality where Beverly Hills, 90210 aired just as we remember it, only the private lives of its stars are completely different.… More

Les Norton premieres

Based on the cult novels of larrikin-lit author Robert G. Barrett the series is about Les Norton, a rabble-rousing, naive Queensland country boy who falls into Kings Cross’ criminal ’80s.… More

The Hunting premieres

The series is about a high school student Amandip who takes a nude photo of herself and sends it to a boy she likes, Nassim; in the other, another compromising picture is generated from a screenshot captured during a video conversation between Zoe and Andy.… More

Pennyworth premieres

The origin story of a supporting player in a larger story that hasn’t started yet, the series about Batman’s future butler Alfred Pennyworth in his younger days in  1960s London.… More

The Boys premieres

The series is about how superheroes are bad. It puts a wicked spin on some now very familiar archetypes: the fierce warrior queen, the lickety-split speedster, the flag-draped mega-god walking among us.… More

Another Life premieres

This dark intergalactic adventure it’s about a team of scientists on a mission to uncover the truth about a mysterious alien vessel that has appeared on Earth.… More

South Side premieres

The series takes place in and around the South Side neighborhood Englewood and focuses on an area of Chicago often portrayed as a violent, crime-ridden monolith.… More

Lambs Of God premieres

Three cloistered nuns,  representing the three stages of woman, live on an isolated island monastery, cut off by their own vows and a commitment to a different life.… More