The Spanish Princess premieres

The series delves into Catherine of Aragon’s life from the time she leaves Spain to marry Arthur, Prince of Wales, and the tumultuous international fallout thereafter.… More

Tuca & Bertie premieres

Tuca is a lovable and extremely confident but messy and gross, an adulting incompetent. Bertie is order: a neurotic yuppie with a penchant for fussy French pastry.… More

Dead To Me premieres

Two women who meet each other in a grief-counseling group and grow to become intimately close friends.

The affluent, uptight Jen, recently widowed by an unidentified hit-and-run driver.… More

Chambers premieres

It is the story of a mardy teenager haunted by the donor of the heart she receives.

The show follows Sasha, a teenage girl who suffered a freak heart attack and received a heart transplant from Becky Lefevre, a girl in a posh neighboring town who happened to die that same night.… More

Bonding premieres

The new short-form series about semi-estranged high-school friends Tiff and Peter reconnecting in New York.  Tiff is a grad student who works in a sex dungeon to support herself, and Pete who quickly becomes her knowing business partner.… More

Gentleman Jack premieres

The series tells the story of historical figure Anne Lister, whose 4 million word diary left us with enough insight to be able to call her England’s first modern lesbian.… More

Lunatics premieres

The series is a mockumentary following a bevy of characters all played by Chris Lilley.

The characters are a celebrity pet psychic, a boy Instagrammer, a 7′3″ YouTube star, a porn star turned hoarder, a realtor with a very large butt, and a sexually experimental fashion designer.… More

Ramy premieres

Ramy Youssef brings his experiences growing up as an Egyptian-American Muslim in New Jersey to the show without holding anything back.… More

Bless This Mess premieres

A New York couple decides they need a simpler life and relocate to a farm in Nebraska.

A yuppie New York City couple heads into an ill-advised adventure taking over a farm.… More

Huge In France premieres

Loosely based on the real experiences of an actor and comedian, Gad Elmaleh who is one of the most famous comedians in France plays a fictional version of himself in this new show.… More