Russian Doll premieres

On the night of her 36th birthday, sweary Manhattanite Nadia is knocked down and killed.

Now Nadia, an acerbic, chain-smoking software designer in rockstar duds, is trapped by most unusual circumstances.… More

Pure premieres

One young woman’s battle with mental health and sexual intrusive thoughts.

Moving down from Scotland to London, lead character Marnie has her eyes opened to new ways of thinking.… More

I Am The Night premieres

In the 1960s, down-and-out Los Angeles journalist Jay Singletary, an archetypal neo-noir antihero, crosses paths with Fauna Hodel, who’s trying to uncover her mysterious family history that may be tied to 1947’s unsolved Black Dahlia murder.More

Kingdom premieres

In the beautiful Joseon period of 15th-century Korea, an ambitious minister wants to take over the throne. He keeps the ailing king alive with a mysterious medicine that also seems to have turned him into an undead monster … that feeds on human flesh.… More

The Other Two premieres

The series follows a tween pop star’s internet-fueled rise to fame through the eyes of his adult siblings: Brooke, a couch-hopping, irresponsible former dancer, and Cary, a struggling actor with his fingers crossed that he’ll get cast in a commercial as Man Who Smells Fart.… More

Black Monday premieres

Maurice Monroe is in charge of the 11th biggest trading house on Wall Street, The Jammer Group. Mo has a plan; he wants to buy the majority of shares in a jean company called Georgina because the real estate its factories are on is so valuable.… More

Wayne premieres

The series follows the adventures of its eponymous lead character when the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am is stolen from his father on his deathbed.… More

Roswell, New Mexico Premieres

15 roswell new mexico.w700.h700 300x300 - Roswell, New Mexico Premieres

The series is about three orphaned aliens named Max, Isobel, and Michael. They live in Roswell, surrounded by the kitsch of a town that made its reputation as the site of an alien landing in 1947.… More

The Passage Premieres

the passage 590x350 300x178 - The Passage Premieres

This show is about a man named Dr. Jonas Lear and his partner Dr. Tim Fanning. They discover a seemingly immortal man in a South American cave.… More

Sex Education premieres

Meet Otis Milburn.

He is the son of famous sex therapist Jean Milburn. A nice, polite, but rather unremarkable boy who no interest in sex at all despite his age.… More