Escape At Dannemora premieres

The series recalls the mid-2015 upstate New York flight by convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat. They had a surprising conspirator in their getaway: Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, a married prison employee involved with both men.… More

Queen America premieres

Vicki Ellis, Oklahoma’s most ruthless pageant coach. Lifted from rural roots by her own beauty queen past, Vicki’s goal is to make women the best versions of themselves by any means necessary.… More

The Kominsky Method premieres

The show follows Sandy Kominsky and his best friend Norman, as they navigate their ever-changing, aging bodies and daily lives. They use quite a few different coping mechanisms to get by being the main one comedy.… More

Narcos: México premieres

The series moves north to profile Guadalajara kingpin Félix Gallardo, who made millions by uniting disparate regional marijuana dealers in a price-fixing gang, then couldn’t resist gambling on diversifying into coke.… More

Origin premieres

The series follows a group of strangers who board a spacecraft to start a new life on a distant planet, only to wake before the journey is complete and find they’ve been abandoned.… More

Dark Heat premieres

The series revolves around traumatized police officer DI Will Wagstaffe, whose parents were murdered when he was a teenager.

Despite his own troubled life, he spends his time trying to solve the mystery of who killed his parents at just 16.… More

Tell Me A Story premieres

The series is about the intertwining lives of New Yorkers that resemble some of the most famous fairy tales of yore but reimaged as a dark and twisted psychological thriller.… More

The Little Drummer Girl premieres

Charlie, an actress pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in the world of espionage.

Brilliant young actress Charlie strikes up an acquaintance with an intriguing stranger while on holiday in Greece, but it rapidly becomes apparent that his intentions are far from romantic.… More

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina premiere

Sabrina is an orphaned with a caring boyfriend, sweet pals and a loving family that on her 16th birthday, has to relinquish all of her connections to the mortal world as part of her Dark Baptism.  She’s the daughter of a warlock father and a human mother, so an anomaly in both worlds.… More

There She Goes premieres

Emily, an academic scientist, and her husband, Simon, a magazine staffer, are the parents of two children, a boy called Ben, who enjoys playing football and takes a little longer than his parents would like to do his homework, and Rosie, who has severe learning difficulties because Rosie’s brain is smaller than usual.… More