Marvel Comics: Infinity Wars (Issue 01)

Alright everyone, so we have a great comic story to give to you all today, and truth be told I was not expecting this to happen especially with what happened in this first issue was shocking to say the least but history has also been made in this comic!… More

Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 03)

Hey everybody, so we have here another fantastic issue from comic creator David Lucarelli’s Tinseltown. Ever since the comic series has started it has been a huge hit and it continues to improve with every issue, in this issue it delves deeper within certain issues such as greed, addiction, and deception, join us as we review this amazing issue of Tinseltown.… More

DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)

Alright comic readers, we got a great issue here for all of you! As I promised to my readers I would review this issue because it’s a serious deal!… More

Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 03)

Hey everybody, so once again we have a fantastic read from Alterna Comics with this issue of The XII! This issue starts connecting the dots a whole lot and I can’t wait to see what the next two issues have in store for us but we need to get through this review first!… More

Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 02)

My readers, we have another great issue of the comic series known as Tinseltown! I can’t tell you all how honored I truly am to be able to review such a phenomenal story, the work of this story is absolutely wonderful.… More

Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 02)

Alright guys and gals there is one word I can say with this second issue and that is wow! Seriously wow, I would never have thought that the events that happened in this issue would’ve happened.… More

Marvel Comics: Marvel Rising (Issue 0)

This issue is actually a great start to help everyone who is wanting to watch Marvel Rising Secret Warriors television series that is supposedly to be released probably straight to video in 2018.… More