Interview with Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham has been in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years, he has played everything from high school student suffering from leukemia on Popular to a blind tech operative on Covert Affairs. Starting August 10th, he will be headed to Netflix for the Lauren Gussis created dramedy, Insatiable, co-starring Debby Ryan. He took some…

Interview with Michelle Lovretta

What can we expect this season for our Killjoys?

The cheeky beginning to an epic end. We have twenty episodes left in our show – ten airing this summer starting July 20, and then a last ten episodes in season five airing at some later date. It gave us just enough time to fit in some backstory elements and little Easter eggs, while also ramping up to answer the big series arc questions and resolve relationships. It’s actually quite a lot to do!

Interview with Michael Sommers

Michael, thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us.  I just want to say how much I appreciate it, and what a fan of Sense8 I am, and have been since the premier. Michael is well known for his role as Bug, who was the reason Nomi landed in…

Interview with Peter Jacobson on Colony

Love Snyder on Colony?  Find out more about the character we “love to hate” now. Here’s a a scene from last episode of Snyder and Vincent talking about the aliens: How did you hear about Colony?  What made you want to take the role of Snyder?  I heard about Colony like any other audition, and…

Our New Baby is Here!! Welcome Our First Nerk!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and kittens….your attention, please!! With much love and dedication, to you, whatever fandom you represent, we give you Nerks of the Hub!!!” Okay, so what, exactly, **is** a Nerk? Well, we represent the geeks and nerds of almost every fandom. Do you ship it yet? That’s right!! You got it!! Geeks+Nerds=Nerks….

Interview with Maceo Smedley (Underground and Cloak & Dagger)

I recently interviewed the talented and adorable Maceo Smedley (Underground, Cloak & Dagger). He is a very impressive young man, who just joined the Marvel Universe. He is best known for his amazing role as James in the show Underground. This was the first time I had the opportunity to see slavery through the prospective of…

Edwin Hodge of SIX on History

Edwin Hodge currently plays Navy SEAL, Robert Chase. Hodge talked to us about what to expect for season 2 starting Monday, May 28th.