Ian Verdun: Xander on Siren

Los Angeles native Ian Verdun is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts and the British American Drama Academy, and can be seen in Freeform’s sci-fi thriller Siren as “Xander McClure.”

Sam Littlefield: Mouse in Batwoman

We dive into the mind in this interview of Sam Littlefield who plays Mouse in Batwoman series! Come take a look at the fun we discussed!

Bria Samoné Henderson in Mrs. America

What surprised you the most about the movement? The women behind the STOP ERA movement. It’s so interesting to get into the minds of some of those women that Phyllis Schalfly represented. How they viewed themselves as women, wives, mothers in the world and how they viewed feminists as “radical” to think that women should be treated equal as men. It’s mind blowing.

An Interview with Patty Carey

Patty Carey is a New York based Writer, Stand Up Comic & the Creator & EP of “Half Life” starring Larisa Oleynik, Nancy Giles & Finnerty Steeves.

An Interview with Rita Angel Taylor

Rita Angel Taylor stops by TV Series Hub to chat about her upcoming role on NBC's La Brea as her character Lilly Castillo and her career so far.