Interview with Chris Jaymes

Hey everybody I had the privilege to interview an awesome graphic novelist and got some pretty awesome answers out of it too.… More

Interview with Seana Kofoed

At a certain point as an actor you realize you don’t have to ‘stay in your lane,’ that you can, and SHOULD, diversify.

Interview with Jennifer Riker

Alright guys and gals I have a great interview for you all today and it is definitely a good one! I have had the privilege of interviewing an amazing actress by the name of Jennifer Riker, you might know the name by her working on the series Black Lightning as the character Dr.… More

The Tick: Interview with Marc Kudisch

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(Picture credit courtesy of LSG Public Relations)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Marc Kudisch about his upcoming role on “The Tick” as well as the return of his character Dr.More