Bonnie Mbuli: South Africa’s Legend

Bonnie Mbuli chats about her career, experiences, roles on Vagrant Queen & Noughts and Crosses, South Africa, COVID-19, cyber-bullying & her book.

An Interview with Award-Winning Performer/Writer Scott J. Kyle

Once again, I had the pleasure of connecting with award-winning performer Scott Kyle (Scottish actor, writer, motivational speaker, and so much more) to get an update on all sorts of exciting projects. Read on for more about this inspiring human, including the Shine A Light project, a new book, and some seriously excellent events.

Interview with Michelle Lovretta

What can we expect this season for our Killjoys? The cheeky beginning to an epic end. We have twenty episodes left in our show – ten airing this summer starting July 20, and then a last ten episodes in season five airing at some later date. It gave us just enough time to fit in some backstory elements and little Easter eggs, while also ramping up to answer the big series arc questions and resolve relationships. It’s actually quite a lot to do!

Interview with SIX’s Juan Pablo Raba

Juan Pablo Raba currently stars as Ricky "Buddha" Ortiz on History Channel's hit show SIX. We had the opportunity to chat with him about the upcoming season of SIX.

Interview with Barry Sloane

I am excited to share with y’all our interview of current SIX star Barry Sloane. I’ve been a fan since his day’s on Revenge so this was such an honor. I have to say I was tickled pink when we received his answers in audio form, it’s certainly no hardship listening to that British accent when transcribing his answers. … More “Interview with Barry Sloane”

Interview with Hisham Tawfiq

Hisham Tawfiq appears in NBC’s The Blacklist, currently in its 5th Season. As Dembe Zuma, he is the quiet protector of Raymond Reddington (James Spader). He is the criminal’s shadow, always in the background, yet ready to protect his mentor, savior and boss at any moment.More “Interview with Hisham Tawfiq”

Interview with Melissa Roxburgh

Melissa Roxburgh who starred in CW's Valor & s currently on NBC's Manifest. She is on he Marine 4, a werewolf on Supernatural & an alien in Star Trek: Beyond.

Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery

After watching Shadowhunters this season, the moment which never leaves my mind is “Dead Dead Dead”. With that being said, I set out to interview the star portraying the role Lola Flanery herself and ask her about her career, current plans and what holds in for her in the future.… More “Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery”

Interview with Brian J Smith

They fought for it and they didn’t give up. I think Trump getting elected had something to do with it, to be honest. He didn’t just fire up his base; he forced us all to wake up and realize that we can’t take the things we love about our culture for granted. I think people suddenly became much more aware of their otherness, and this was frightening. And then a show like Sense8 gets canceled and it was just too much. Especially during gay pride season! I was shocked at how emotionally charged the outcry was, and how persistent it was. Taken in context with what’s going on politically all over the world today, it makes a lot of sense. We the freaks are fighting back in our own way.