The Meg (2018) Movie Review

After escaping an attack by what he claims was a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible

Misson: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The best intentions often come back to haunt you. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT finds Ethan Hunt and his IMF team in a race against time after a mission gone wrong.

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again!

This review is going to have light spoilers for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, there are some big plot points that I am going to leave unspoiled.… More

The Equalizer 2 (Spoilers Ahead)

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is back, and this time it’s personal.

Synopsis (Spoilers)

Robert’s settled into his new job as a Lyft driver, and seems to be content.… More

Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

Hey everyone, so today we are reviewing a movie that helps us forget but also wonder why didn’t Ant-Man ever come to the Infinity War fun in the Avengers movie, well don’t worry people I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.… More

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Okay guys and ladies, when I first saw the very first trailer for this film I was hooked to know that this film was going to rock the movie theaters and I was right.… More

Our New Baby is Here!! Welcome Our First Nerk!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and kittens….your attention, please!! With much love and dedication, to you, whatever fandom you represent, we give you Nerks of the Hub!!!”

Okay, so what, exactly, **is** a Nerk?More

Life and the Art of Lying

A woman trying to navigate the return of a old disease with new drugs, all the while also trying to come to terms with her feelings for her female friend.

Tomb Raider(2018)

This film is the video game turned into film that we all have been waiting for peoples! This reboot version for the film of Tomb Raider is definitely a film worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of the video games.… More