Krypton (S02E01) “Light-Years From Home”

Krypton Season 2 starts with a Kandor ruled by Zod which led to the creation of a resistance by Val-El, Nyssa Vex, and Jax-Ur. Adam returns to Kandor to prevent a horrid future of Earth that he saw, and Seg-El is trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac.

Grand Hotel premieres

The series chronicles the fractious Mendoza clan’s efforts to hold on to the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach. Patriarch Santiago inherited the place following the death of his wife; now he’s falling behind on payments to the loan sharks who’ve been keeping him afloat.… More

Euphoria premieres

The new drama depicts modern-day adolescence as an unfiltered foray into drugs, alcohol, digital porn, and depression.

It is a jarring exploration into the dark gamuts of growing up with addiction, depression, and immense peer pressure among other coming-of-age obstacles.… More

City On A Hill premieres

Set in 1990s Boston, FBI agent Jackie Rohr and ADA Decoucy Ward team up to catch a family who robs armored car that leads to a wider case of corruption in the entire criminal justice system in Boston.… More

Los Espookys premieres

The new comedy follows a group of horror enthusiasts who turn their passion into a collaborative profession. This group of 20-somethings stage fake supernatural events for clients.… More

Jett premieres

The series follows the exploits of recently paroled career criminal Daisy “Jett” Kowalski,  an accomplished thief, as she takes on the proverbial “one last job”: steal a ring from an Eastern European gangster.… More

Too Old To Die Young premieres

The series follows Martin Jones as a detective-turned-vigilante-killer who lives in a post-moral universe in Los Angeles, spending days grimacing through the world of the living and carrying out brutal revenge killings during off hours

All episodes are available on Amazon Prime.… More