Brassic premieres

Vinnie, a charismatic, bi-polar crim who lives in a derelict train carriage in the woods somewhere in rural Lancashire. He’s the leader of a little gang of ne’er-do-wells, poor but dishonest.… More

The Righteous Gemstones premieres

A series about a megachurch and its founding family, whose interests are less in tune with the teachings of Christ and more about the money that can be made off him.… More

“A Discovery Of Witches” (S01E07)




What an incredible episode! We get an element of drama, suspense, betrayal, romance, and terrible twosomes. It was written by our queen Deborah Harkness and Sarah Dollard.


Frontera Verde premieres

This is Netflix’s first original Colombian production that’s a mystery thriller that follows a detective who is investigating a disturbing string of female homicides in the Amazon.… More