“A Discovery Of Witches” (S01E07)




What an incredible episode! We get an element of drama, suspense, betrayal, romance, and terrible twosomes. It was written by our queen Deborah Harkness and Sarah Dollard.


‘A Discovery Of Witches’ (S01E06)


What an episode! The episode was written by Charlene James and Deborah Harkness. It was directed by Sarah Walker.

The Satu dilemma:
I’ll admit at times Satu Jarvinen (Malin Buska) has me perplexed.More

‘A Discovery Of Witches (S01E01)

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“It begins with absence of desire.”

 “It begins with blood and fear.”

“It begins with A Discovery Of Witches.”

“Once the world was filled with wonders, but it belongs to humans now.