49F9E182 60BF 4104 98AF 90B83B95CCA8 1024x576 - BALLERS (S04E05) “DOINK “

In this thirty fifth episode of Ballers; Spencer (Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson) rides solo in a great portion of this episode, he pays a visit to the parent distribution company (Direct TV) of Sports X.More

BALLERS (S04E04) Forgiving is Living


This week on Ballers,  Spencer and Joe have their hands full.  Lance is  thorn in the backside of my guys, he is “bringing the pain” in this episode.More

Ballers: (S02E06) "Saturdaze"

From almost quiting this show to now waiting for the next one – how I describe my time with Ballers. You might not agree with me but I for one am not an American Football fan making it even harder to like it.… More