BelowDeckMed (S03E17) Reunion

This is whate’ve been waiting for.  The BelowDeckMed Reunion.  Time for truths to come out, and realizations to be made.  Where you ready for tonight’s BelowDeckMed?


BelowDeckMed (S03E09) Panic at the Deck-0

The crew is back at it for this episode of BelowDeckMed.

Hannah’s birthday party ends with a burn as Kasey witnesses firsthand JDouche kissing Brooke at the table after having flirted with her all evening.… More

BelowDeckMed (S03E03) “Bad Vibrations”

On this episode of BelowDeckMed

Tonight we get the pleasure of meeting Jesubob, Joao’s alter ego.  Apparently when he drinks, he gets black out drunk, and can’t remember what he did.  So he blames everything on his alter ego.  That’ll go over well, especially with Hannah, Adam, and Conrad, all of whom Joao’s completely managed to piss off on the ride back from dinner last night.… More