Black Mirror (S04E06) "Black Museum"

The final episode of season 4 is a homage to all the episodes that came before it, but besides the clever references to past technologies from the series, Black Museum is a rushed mini-anthology episode (reminiscent of White Christmas) that relies on cheap thrills and light-gore to excite the audience – although it is saved by its twist ending, Black Museum is a shallow attempt at nailing in the prevailing themes of the series; providing possible closure to the Black Mirror, but without any notable bang.… More

Black Mirror (S04E05) "Metalhead"

Nothing much happens in Metalhead, and we aren’t told much either – but that’s okay, because what we are given is a tense chase-scene, set in a bleak post-apocalyptic setting, told through a distinct visual style, with a sombre and harrowing ending, and a foreboding moral lesson.… More

Black Mirror (S04E04) "Hang the DJ"

Everything happens for a reason – and in one of Black Mirror‘s best episodes to date, we get a hopeful tale of love; set against the new dating landscape being created by apps such as Tinder.… More

Black Mirror (S04E03) "Crocodile"

In this instalment of the anthology series, we’re asked questions about the efficacy of surveillance-enhancing technology, while made witness to a chain of increasingly hectic murders that show how far one woman will go to keep her secrets. Crocodile is a good episode, but the technology is too lite for it to truly represent the ideal Black Mirror instalment.… More

Black Mirror (S04E02) "Arkangel"

We tread into familiar territory with Arkangel, a quintessential Black Mirror episode which follows the usual formula: we are exposed to some new technology, we see the dangers of its implementation, and we learn a moral lesson through a personal story centred around the aforementioned tech.… More

Black Mirror (S04E01) "USS Callister"

The first episode of Black Mirror’s fourth season promised to the most distinct from its predecessors, and proved to be, in an extremely entertaining tale; incorporating both the series’s most common, and rare, traits – darkness, and optimism.… More

Preview: Black Mirror Season 4 (Netflix)

Tomorrow (December 29, 2017) marks the anticipated return of Black Mirror – one of Netflix’s most acclaimed, and disturbing, series. Heralded as The Twilight Zone of the 21st century, Black Mirror is a foreboding anthology series, with each episode showcasing a different aspect of current technology and suggesting the dark possibilities and extremes of said technology when taken to the next level.… More