Black Mirror (S04E06) "Black Museum"

The final episode of season 4 is a homage to all the episodes that came before it, but besides the clever references to past technologies from the series, Black Museum is a rushed mini-anthology episode (reminiscent of White Christmas) that relies on cheap thrills and light-gore to excite the audience – although it is saved by its twist ending, Black Museum is a shallow attempt at nailing in the prevailing themes of the series; providing possible closure to the Black Mirror, but without any notable bang.… More “Black Mirror (S04E06) "Black Museum"”

Black Mirror (S04E02) "Arkangel"

We tread into familiar territory with Arkangel, a quintessential Black Mirror episode which follows the usual formula: we are exposed to some new technology, we see the dangers of its implementation, and we learn a moral lesson through a personal story centred around the aforementioned tech.… More “Black Mirror (S04E02) "Arkangel"”

Preview: Black Mirror Season 4 (Netflix)

Tomorrow (December 29, 2017) marks the anticipated return of Black Mirror – one of Netflix’s most acclaimed, and disturbing, series. Heralded as The Twilight Zone of the 21st century, Black Mirror is a foreboding anthology series, with each episode showcasing a different aspect of current technology and suggesting the dark possibilities and extremes of said technology when taken to the next level.… More “Preview: Black Mirror Season 4 (Netflix)”