Blindspot (S04E02) ‘My Art Project’

In this week's episode of Blindspot, Zapata finds herself deep inside the rabbit hole and Remi moves forward with her plan against the FBI. Overall it was a fun episode because of a special guest appearance

Blindspot (S03E22) ” In Memory”

This is the episode we all have been waiting for. The Blindspot season finale delivered everything it promised. It was filled with shocking twists and turns and also it managed to tug at our heartstrings.… More

Blindspot (S03E21) “Defection”

This week’s episode of “Blindspot” heavily featured Jane’s emotions but that doesn’t mean that it was light on action. Let’s get to the review.… More

Blindspot (S03E20) "Let It Go"

In this episode of Blindspot, the FBI team continues their chase after Crawford & Roman spirals down the rabbit hole.

Blindspot (S03E13) "Warning Shot"


The episode Blindspot returned from its break with was one of this season’s best episodes. The emotional storyline perfectly balanced the fun action.More

Blindspot (S03E11) Technology Wizards

He lied to his wife Jane about finding out her daughter existed (and subsequently playing a role in her alleged death), but Kurt Weller got a chance at redemption this episode when they set off to rescue Avery.More

Blindspot (S03E10) Balance of Might


The end of this episode effectively set the pacing for how the show is going to unfold the story of Jane’s daughter Avery now that she’s alive.More