Burden of Truth (S01E07) "Ducks in the Pond"

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Things get really interesting in this episode with regards to the case as earlier we see Joanne (Kristen Kreuk) lose hope on winning but due to a Nate coming out and offering her clues the law suit may now have a fighting chance.… More

Burden of Truth (S01E02&E03) "The Ties That Bind" "Still Water"

With Joanna(Kristen Kreuk) launching her investigations into the mystery behind the girl’s sickness she meets some resistance from the town members like the Mayor but that doesn’t deter her from her path and we see more of her persistence and strong will as she doesn’t take no for an answer.… More

Burden of Truth (S01E01) "Wake Up Call"

Circumstances force Joanna to return to her hometown to represent a client of hers which goes against her father’s wishes as we see him try as hard as he can to convince her not to.… More