Colony (S03E06) The Emerald City (Spoilers)

In this episode of Colony

We learn about how Block leaders where chosen, and who invented the system used.

Of course, it wasn’t used the way he expected it to be used.  Or is it?  Keep watching to find out.… More

Interview with Peter Jacobson on Colony

Love Snyder on Colony?  Find out more about the character we “love to hate” now.

Here’s a a scene from last episode of Snyder and Vincent talking about the aliens:

How did you hear about Colony?  What made you want to take the role of Snyder? 

I heard about Colony like any other audition, and taped the two pilot scenes with the casting director.… More

BelowDeckMed (S03E04) Supply and Demand

On this episode of BelowDeckMed,

The truce between Hannah and Adam ends abruptly as he throws her under the bus.

He blames poor service for the reason Sandy’s toast and omlet took so long.… More

Colony (S03E04) Departures and Arrivals

In this episode of Colony, we dig into Commander MacGregor’s past this episode.

Surprise surprise, we find out he was a conspiracy theorist that was “framed” before the invasion.


Colony (S03E03) Mixed Signals (Spoilers ahead)

This episode we learn more about the mysterious new woman Dispatch, who showed up at the end of the last episode under questionable circumstances at best.  We get to see her before the Rendition, being an actual Doctor (which, by the way, didn’t she say they had her further from being a doctor as possible?)  That was my first red flag.… More

Colony (S03E02) Puzzle Man (Spoilers Ahead)

When Helena (Ally Walker) is evacuated from the block, we learn the fate of the people that where sent to the factory last season, and it isn’t pretty.  The factory was destroyed in retaliation for Bram blowing up the RAP ship last season, and all on it where lost.  We also learned this was just an advanced strike, the hosts where coming now instead of years from now.  When she asked how long they had to prepare, she was told “Not long.”

This episode we learn what Broussard’s (Tory Kittles) been up to since the Rendition, and it’s been a lonely existence for him.  From the clip you can see he’s been trying to piece together the occupation’s true reason for being here, and has been living a lonely life with just the voice on his dispatch keeping him company.  They strike up a flirtation of sorts, and it helps him pass the time.  He continues this solitary life until he happens across  a child hiding in a house on one of his recons.  He goes to help him, then sees his mother Claire (Hannah Levien, Sirens, The Magicians) holding a gun on him.  She wants to escape the Colony but he convinces her to evacuate to another block.… More

Interview with Hannah Levien

1. How did you get started in acting?

I took drama classes on an off as a kid – really just going along with other friends that were doing it.… More

Interview with Tory Kittles – Colony

Broussard fast became a fan favorite.  Does that add any pressure to you as an actor?

Nah, no pressure…my job is to live the story within the world that the writers have created, and that’s what I focus on doing.