Damnation (S01E09) Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

The showdown we knew was coming happened tonight between the farmers and the Black Legion in Holden.  Appropriately enough, at the Riley’s farm, where everything first started.  Lines were crossed, and revelations made on this episode of Damnation.… More

Damnation (S01E08) The Goodness of Man

On this episode, new alliances are made, old ones tested.  How far is Creely willing to go to get his freedom from the Duvalls?  What happened that pitted brother against brother in the first place?  These are questions we delve into and explore a little deeper this episode.… More

Damnation (S01E05) “Den of Lost Souls”

Our intrepid strike breaker, Creely (played impeccably by Logan Marshall Green) meets the enigmatic Martin Eggers Hyde, Phd, (played by Gabriel Mann of Revenge fame) to discuss what’s taking Creely so long to end the strike.  In perhaps the understatement of the series so far, Creely says “This particular town, it’s complicated,” a statement that couldn’t be any truer.… More

Can't get enough of #DamnationTV strong kick ass women? Find out what makes one of the fan favorites Bessie, played by Chasten Harmon, come to life.

Damnation (S01E04) "The Emperor of Ice Cream"

Coming off of the success of the Riley Farm auction, Seth and Amelia try to bring the strike to an end while they feel they have the bargaining power.  They arrange for a meeting with the food distributor of the town to try to get him to see reason, but Creely has other ideas.… More

Damnation (S01E03) "One Penny"

This episode of Damnation shows how deep the hypocrisy of the midwest really runs as it opens with an All American family with its mother, father, and six boys.  They chit chat about playing centerfield for the Cardinals, then the mother goes and gets some sodas for a treat.  As the camera follows her in the shed, it reveals nooses and black robes with hoods and the Black Legion, (which could be compared to the KKK) as proudly displayed as baseball trophies would be.… More