Doctor Who (S11E03) “Rosa”

Learn your history. Respect those who made the painful decisions, who paved a way forward. Carry it on. Do not let their sacrifices go to waste.

Doctor Who (S11E01) “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

Brilliant. The first word of our new Doctor and it held true for this introduction to 13. Jodie Whittaker had the HUGE task of taking on the Doctor heading into a new series and let me tell you, she's perfection. Chemistry is the key for me in this episode. 

Doctor Who (S10E13) "Twice Upon a Time"

***spoilers ahead***

An episode thick with goodbyes and a singular hello “Twice Upon a Time” was thrilling from the start. We opened with a “Previously On” that had me laughing, as it was a flashback to the very first Doctor Who episode – 709 episodes ago.… More