Empire (S05E11) “In Loving Virtue”

“With the reputation of the family business on the line, the Lyons strategise about how to clean up Kingsley’s mess and introduce a new and improved Empire.”

Empire has returned for another episode and brought with it many twists and turns.… More

Empire (S05E10) “My Fault is Past”

Empire is back with its midseason premier, and has delivered on the drama and glamour it promises as usual. The standout performances for me this episode were Cookie (Taraji P.More

Empire (S04E16) “Fair Terms”

Nessa?! 🎤 #songbird.  All of this season and past…,nothing. And then Shine “dies” #murdered and she’s  back?  *sigh. #budget matters ?More

Empire (S04E15) "Lean and Hungry Look"

Although I’ve often thought of the Shakespearean tragedy, “King Lear” when speaking of The Lyon’s, their Empire and eternal quest for power; tonight we’re on the Julius Caesar hype with a Lucious kinda caution.More

Empire (S04E14) "False Face"

Oh.My..God! Alfre Woodard is Cookie’s mama!  👊 Ahem “Boo Boo Kitty” is back & smoking cigars. She’s conspiring with Eddie Barker,  which is also bad for her health.More