Empire (S04E15) "Lean and Hungry Look"

Although I’ve often thought of the Shakespearean tragedy, “King Lear” when speaking of The Lyon’s, their Empire and eternal quest for power; tonight we’re on the Julius Caesar hype with a Lucious kinda caution.More

Empire (S04E14) "False Face"

Oh.My..God! Alfre Woodard is Cookie’s mama!  👊 Ahem “Boo Boo Kitty” is back & smoking cigars. She’s conspiring with Eddie Barker,  which is also bad for her health.More

Empire (S04E11) "Without Apology"

 ‘I tried to kill you!” Lucious wakes up. It’s a dream, or is it memory?  He seems to remember a lil’sum’n, pre Claws kidnapping #misery experience  He engages Thirsty, cause the voice and face, though blurred was Andre.More

Empire (S04E08) "Cupid Painted Blind"

I didn’t see anything in this episode to link the title, “Cupid Painted Blind”  so I watched it again. The most I could glean was, “3 blind mice” when Cookie describes her boys & the seriousness of understanding Triple D:

“Dangerous Diana Dubois”  continues her non stop, tactical assault on The Lyons in this episode; with this one being the cruelest of them all #smackdown #merciless  It is The Scarecrow in the land of her Oz and “if I only had a brain” #mind  

And so, I did look at it again & this episode was amaZing …and painful.More

Empire (S04E05) "The Fool"

Lucious is back and Dwight, although not dead, returns to sleep. 💤 Hopefully the greater of both personalities will be integrated. 
We open with The Lyons in a practice deposition in prep for Bella’s custody.More

Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"

It’s baby Bella’s first birthday & she’s officially anointed into the world of music, with PRINCE & all things purple! 
Regardless of what happened in the hereafter, this will be my favorite eppy; fo’evah! 1f49c - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!" #misshim. 
Its 106 & park.More