FOX 2019-2020 Fall TV Schedule

As Upfronts Week 2019 is underway with NBC released on Sunday. On Monday, Fox announced as the second broadcast TV network of its fall tv schedule with some changes and announcements.… More


Screenshot 2018 05 06 20 23 57 1 300x258 - FAMILY GUY (S16E18) "HTTPete",

“It’s All About the Milennial Baby” or “How I Survived Without Internet, but not really”

The brewery, where Peter works,  has a mandatory meeting.More

Family Guy (S16E17) "Switch the Flip"

Stewart’s back like Dr. Frankenstein, Einstein and the mechanical genius of Seth Brundle #thefly…with just as much human error! #lawnmowerman

It’s “Who’s On First” “Look Who’s Talking” 1, 2, 3 & Urkle’s “Did I Say That?”  Honorable mention, #Big #FreakyFriday & #13goingon30
It’s an episode of people and technology; a bad match, as Stephen Hawking #Rest in Peace warns, but that’s another story.More

Family Guy (S16E16) "Through the Years"

Tis America’s favorite dysfunctional family, going through the decades; “remembering when” & “back in the day” Much is in black & white, because everything old & worth remembering is better in black & white, right, right?!More

Family Guy (S16E14) "Veteran Guy"

It begins at the Quahog thrift store.  The family, all of them, are shopping. It’ s a family outing. Peter wants a double deck tape player, from another century… like the 70s.More

Family Guy (S16E12) "Send in Stewie, Please"

Stewie’ s sent to the School Psychologist office…with no commercial interruptions! So it’s a Stewie-centric tale of non stop…Stewie! “Yay!” 🙌…or not😉
And so we’re welcomed into the office of Dr Craig Pritchard.More