Game of Thrones Returns in April 2019

Game of Thrones will return for its 8th and final season in April 2019. This is the news fans have been waiting for in the very long hiatus since the end of Season 7.… More

Game Of Thrones (S07E06) "Beyond The Wall"

The playful banter between unsinkable men does not play down the danger they are willingly walking into. These interactions would’ve seemed impossible years ago, but here they are having conversations about life and women, preparing for their inevitable doom.… More

Game Of Thrones (S07E04) "The Spoils of War"

This is not a spoiler free zone. You have been thoroughly warned.

This episode not only delivered our dear Arya (Maisie Williams) back to Winterfell, but it was also action packed and boasting the dialogue that makes this series stand out from the rest.… More

Game Of Thrones (S07E02) "Stormborn"

The cold, dark and gloomy seclusion at Dragonstone was not that homecoming that Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) quite anticipated. They must bide their time before they can conquer all who oppose them, it’s not a simple war where the dragon’s can be left to their own defenses and burn it all down, she does not wish to be the queen of ashes, but the queen of the realm.More