Killjoys (S04E03) “Bro-drip”

Ready for the worst Bro trip, ever?  Then get ready for this episode of Killjoys.

The Jacobis brothers are on the road trip from hell while Johnnie heads towards the nearest green pool so he can get his next fix.… More

Killjoys (S04E02) Dangerously Johnnie

We’re back to where season three ended in this episode of Killjoys,

though some time has passed since we last saw our heroes.  D’av, (Luke Macfarlane) Johnnie, (Aaron Ashmore), and Delle Seyah, (Mayko Nguyen), have crash landed on the ass end  of now where.  While trying to find help, they get ambushed and Johnnie’s knife wound opens, causing major problems.… More

Interview with Michelle Lovretta

What can we expect this season for our Killjoys? The cheeky beginning to an epic end. We have twenty episodes left in our show – ten airing this summer starting July 20, and then a last ten episodes in season five airing at some later date. It gave us just enough time to fit in some backstory elements and little Easter eggs, while also ramping up to answer the big series arc questions and resolve relationships. It’s actually quite a lot to do!

Killjoys (S01E07) “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye”


The series need to make it a flowing story rather than an episode to episode story. There is a very small like 5 minutes story in every episode the rest is jut the story for that epsiode. 

But the action is really great and this epsiode was awesome!More