Krypton (S02E10) “The Alpha and the Omega”

Krypton never ceases to amaze me. When I thought that it couldn't get more action packed, I was proven wrong by this season finale. A lot of things happened which I'm eager to discuss.

Krypton (S02E08) “Mercy”

After watching this episode, we should know by now that Krypton never ceases to surprise its viewers. The episode starts with a world where Seg (Cameron Cuffe) and Lyta (Georgina Campbell) is living happily ever after.

Krypton (S02E01) “Light-Years From Home”

Krypton Season 2 starts with a Kandor ruled by Zod which led to the creation of a resistance by Val-El, Nyssa Vex, and Jax-Ur. Adam returns to Kandor to prevent a horrid future of Earth that he saw, and Seg-El is trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac.

Krypton (S01E01) "Pilot"

We all know the story of Superman. What we don’t know…what we’re now learning…is how that story almost never came to be.
spoiler - Krypton (S01E01) "Pilot"


The House of El was scorned. Its symbol, one that evokes a sense of majesty and awe, was now considered illegal and all family members stripped of name and privilege.… More “Krypton (S01E01) "Pilot"”