Legion (S02E11) “Chapter 19”

There is a fine line between good and evil. The Season Finale of Legion leaves you questioning all you thought you knew. Perhaps insanity was the key all along.

Legion (S02E08) “Chapter 16”

In this episode the shadows are being exposed. Now is the time for enlightenment and action. The Shadow King will fall, one way or another.

Legion (S02E07) “Chapter 15”

With Farouk always one step ahead, the delusions are taking over. Madness will get to them all in the end. No one is safe in this episode.

Legion (S02E05) "Chapter 13"

Before we get too far into the review, I must say that I look forward to the dialogue our friendly neighborhood narrator (Jon Hamm) adds to the show. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air within the chaos, causing the viewer to pause and recollect themselves before careening back into the insanity.… More “Legion (S02E05) "Chapter 13"”

Legion (S02E03) "Chapter 11"

The descent into madness is a constant theme in this show. The lines are continuously blurred between what is real and what is not, resulting in a great piece of television. When the threat escapes, causing the infection of countless Division 3 members, including some of the key players, only David (Dan Stevens) has the power to release them from their inner maze and bring them back to reality.… More “Legion (S02E03) "Chapter 11"”

Legion (S01E07) “Chapter 7”


This must be the most intense and spectacularly deranged episode to date. The writers have done a brilliant job of bringing the psychotic nature of the beast to the forefront. The confusion is a normality in this world, it leaves your mind open to accept the unexpected events that continue to unfold.More “Legion (S01E07) “Chapter 7””

Legion (S01E05) “Chapter 5”



So far, each episode that has come from this series has left you questioning what is real and what is a made-up construct of David’s mind. It leads you down this blurry path of confusion and wonderment, hoping that these nightmarish figments are just that, another illusion.More “Legion (S01E05) “Chapter 5””