Life Sentence (S01E02) “Re-Inventing The Abbotts”

Stella and Wes, played by Lucy Hale and Elliot Knight, are visited by an INS agent and they have to prove their marriage is real or Wes might be sent back to London.  While studying the questions that may be asked of them they learn new things about each other.  Some of the questions are thought provoking while others bring out more secrets that they kept from each other.… More

Life Sentence (S01E01) “Pilot”

The pilot episode of Life Sentence starring Lucy Hale aired this past Wednesday, March 7th.  I have been anticipating this show ever since I learned it was being filmed in Vancouver in the fall and the show did not disappoint.  I thought it was an excellent show, lighthearted and funny and a sure hit!  The show is about Stella, Hale’s character, and the affects that having cancer has had on her and her family.  The show starts with Stella and her husband Wes, played by Elliot Knight, ordering a funeral cake.… More