Mary Kills People (S02E06) "Fatal Flaw"

This series has been known to push the limits and walk that very perilous line between life and death. With a season finale, all bets are off the table, and anything can happen.… More

Mary Kills People (S02E05) "Come to Jesus"

Worlds are starting to collide, and it may soon prove to be too much for Mary (Caroline Dhavernas). She is struggling to keep her head in the game, but her emotions are getting the better of her.… More

Mary Kills People (S02E03) "Twin Flames"

Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) is on a self-destructive path and her double life is starting to take a toll on her. After lying to Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) about killing her husband, the paranoia and fear catapult Mary into a downward spiral.… More

Mary Kills People (S02E01) "The Means"

The death dealer with a heart of gold is back, and business has been good. As long as there is suffering in the world there is no stopping Mary’s (Caroline Dhavernas) mission.… More