NCISNOLA (S04E20) "Powder Keg"

… or now that you’re gone Percy, let me introduce Sydney Halliday, (Riann Steele) kick ass Green Beret, we’ve been expecting since the ‘Welcome to The Jungle” (S04E18) episode.More

NCISNOLA (S04E19) "High Stakes"

Well this is a hard episode for me because Percy’s leaves N’Awlins by choice. 😔 *sigh
I found myself looking for signs of, “say it ain’t so” or ‘I’ll be back” I got nothing.More

NCISNOLA (S04E16) "Empathy"

A young woman is walking alone. Its dark. Someone  calls out “Molly?” She’s approached by 2 men, identifying themselves as NCIS Agents, Sluhan & Conlin.(Brandon Rush, Ryan Kessler) They claim “David sent us”  
She wants to talk with David.More

NCISNOLA (S04E15) "The Last Mile"

Cyrus ( Frankie Smith) is eating biscuits and gravy…with Isler?!  (Derek Webster) WHAT?! They’re waiting for Don Belanger (Shawn Parsons) a bad ass.More

NCISNOLA (S04E13) "A New Dawn"

Tonight, A Petty Officer trys to help a refugee family detour terrorist recruitment.
Our story begins with upbeat jazz playing. It’ s dancing in the streets.More