NCISNOLA (S04E13) "Ties That Bind"

Josie Hill ( Samantha Marie Ware)  is singing,🎤” I put a spell on you” in Delilah’s Club.  A young man is walking thru, passing small packets of madness #drugs.More

NCISNOLA (S04E12) "Identity Crisis"

It’s Gamecon in N’Awlins.  The streets are filled with characters & caricatures of video play.

In the crowd, Nate Carr (Enrique Abada) stumbles through the streets, dressed in tights & cape.More

NCISNOLA (S04E10) "Mirror, Mirror"

At the pumping station, on the bridge, a seabee is attacked by a drone. He’s hit on the forearm by the propeller, loses his balance & falls into the water.More

NCISNOLA (S04E09) "Hard Knock Life"

🎷♫🎺It’s music , dancing & a street festival in N’Awlins. Kids, who look homeless are picking pockets and walking away with things #gutterpunks  

A petty officer is robbed.More

NCISNOLA (S04E07) "The Accident"

En route to a State game  tailgate, a man and boy sit in a traffic jam.  The man gets out of the car, shooting—after he appears to be rear ended.More

NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"

“I Won’t Flinch” is playing by Brocklesby Crooke. And like Salome of the 7 veils, she seduces & wraps him in silks, first around the body, his neck & then with his hands tied behind his back; she pulls!More

NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral"

“Viral”  is what happens when someone posts a video, to a website and it’s viewership spreads like a highly contagious virus!  It’s gossip in it’s most instant gratifying form!  This is tonight’s episode; cyber gossip & how it neutralizes the justice system in addition to:
A fugitive is on the streets; running.More

NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling"

It’s a city tour of the local haunts.  The guide’s voice sounds familiar. I’ve seen enough television commercials to know the Popeye’s Chicken Lady (Deidrie Henry) with my eyes closed!More