NCISNOLA (S04E12) "Identity Crisis"

It’s Gamecon in N’Awlins.  The streets are filled with characters & caricatures of video play.

In the crowd, Nate Carr (Enrique Abada) stumbles through the streets, dressed in tights & cape.More

NCISNOLA (S04E10) "Mirror, Mirror"

At the pumping station, on the bridge, a seabee is attacked by a drone. He’s hit on the forearm by the propeller, loses his balance & falls into the water.More

NCISNOLA (S04E09) "Hard Knock Life"

🎷♫🎺It’s music , dancing & a street festival in N’Awlins. Kids, who look homeless are picking pockets and walking away with things #gutterpunks  

A petty officer is robbed.More

NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"

“I Won’t Flinch” is playing by Brocklesby Crooke. And like Salome of the 7 veils, she seduces & wraps him in silks, first around the body, his neck & then with his hands tied behind his back; she pulls!More

NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral"

“Viral”  is what happens when someone posts a video, to a website and it’s viewership spreads like a highly contagious virus!  It’s gossip in it’s most instant gratifying form!  This is tonight’s episode; cyber gossip & how it neutralizes the justice system in addition to:
A fugitive is on the streets; running.More

NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling"

It’s a city tour of the local haunts.  The guide’s voice sounds familiar. I’ve seen enough television commercials to know the Popeye’s Chicken Lady (Deidrie Henry) with my eyes closed!More