NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset"

Two men have made it to N”Awlins. Their jeep is sideswiped by a SUV and plunges into the water. The passenger survives by sucking air from the tires.  He gets away.More

NCISNOLA (S04E02) "#1 Fan"

A young woman wakes up, groggy. in what appears to be her bedroom. Classical music is playing. But then she beats on a locked door, crying, “Oh no” please!  It’s not her ‘room, but a replica.More

NCISNOLA (S04E01) "Rogue Nation"

There’s Automatic fire on the freeway and a big rig is hi jacked; Soldiers are killed. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! 
The episode continues with NCIS HeadQuarters, still on the warpath.More

NCISNOLA (S03E22) “Knockout”

It’s fight night in the Big Easy; Navy vs. Marines. With Hamilton on the sidelines…sum’n is about to go down!! The Marine is knocked out; Navy Petty Officer Rudd (Rome Flynn) wins.More

NCIS NOLA: (S03E21) “Krewe”

It’s the New Orleans PD vs. a band of masked freight train robbers. “Signal Red” -shots fired. Bullets are flying everywhere; officers are down.More

NCIS-NOLA: (S03E20) “NOLA Confidential”

Richard Marino (Jeremy Ratchford) is the “old man in da’club” He goes out back with a young man, Nathan Kelly (TC Matherne) in what looks like a drug deal; not a bag deal, a bundle!More

NCIS NOLA: (S03E18) “Slay the Dragon”

…And then as Pride is kissing Rita at episode 17 close; the camera pans the city lights and we’re in for another NCIS N’Awlins episode, back to back and not a part 2! 

From the Human Trafficking story, comes the episode that is clearly Gregorio centric.More