New Girl (S06E01): "House Hunt"

Review: Previously on New Girl… Lots of stuff happened! Schmidt and Cece FINALLY tied the knot at the loft after Schmidt couldn’t make it to their actual wedding, Winston loves Aly and Aly loves Winston, and hunky doctor Sam broke up with Jess but that’s okay because Jess really wants Nick but Nick joined Reagan in New Orleans for the summer.More “New Girl (S06E01): "House Hunt"”

New Girl (S05E16): “Helmet”

Review: When Sam wants Jess to meet his parents, she’s all for it. Until she has a sex dream about Nick in the football helmet her once gave her for Christmas. When she confides in Cece, CeCe assures Jess that the dream probably meant nothing and that she only had it because she’s getting more seriously involved with Sam.More “New Girl (S05E16): “Helmet””