Our Boys premieres

In the summer of 2014, three boys, all around 18-19 years old, were kidnapped in Jerusalem by what Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported were members of Hamas.… More

Preacher (S04E03) “Deviant”

The world of Preacher keeps viewers on their toes. We get a good look at why Cassidy, is the way he is. While Tulip deals with a few of her own demons.

Sintonía premieres

The series follows the life of Doni, Nando, and Rita, three youngsters that grew in the same favela in Sao Pablo and wish to make their dreams come true in a place filled with music, drugs, and religion.… More

This Way Up premieres

Aine, a woman trying to get her life back together after suffering a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, her concerned sister Shona constantly tracks her whereabouts via a phone app.… More