Preacher (S02E09) "Puzzle Piece"

Tensions are running high within the tight-knit trio. Each are wrapped up in their own little world. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is still on his never-ending quest for god. Tulip (Ruth Negga) refuses to sleep and has become obsessed with getting shot, while Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) dotes over Denis (Ronald Guttman) who seems to be making a recovery from his ailments.… More “Preacher (S02E09) "Puzzle Piece"”

Preacher (S02E05) "Dallas"

Jesse (Dominic Cooper) has been consumed by rage and jealously. There is a fantastic yet terrifying aspect to the spectacle of him giving into the madness that is boiling over inside. There is no reasoning with him, and to get his point across he uses Genesis to banish Tulip (Ruth Negga) from Viktor’s (Paul Ben-Victor) compound.… More “Preacher (S02E05) "Dallas"”

Preacher (S02E01) "On The Road"

So you’ve decided to come along for the ride into the world of Preacher. If you have yet to watch the first season, stop now and do not go any further. This review will have spoilers.

Preacher is back, and you don’t have to wait long for the guts, gore and guns blazing to interrupt our trio’s search to find God.… More “Preacher (S02E01) "On The Road"”