Preacher (S03E01) “Angelville”

Preacher is back and it doesn't take long for chaos to unfold. Will Tulip rise from the dead? Anything is possible in this dark yet delightful world of mayhem.

‘Preacher’ Season 3 Air Date Revealed

preacher - 'Preacher' Season 3 Air Date Revealed

That’s right. You can save the date for the return of Preacher! June 24th will mark the 3rd season premiere.
As we know Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is on his never ending quest for god.… More

Preacher (S02E13) "The End of the Road"

The season finale of Preacher did not disappoint. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and surprising moments. Just when you think you have the show figured out, they prove you wrong time and time again.… More

Preacher (S02E12) "On Your Knees"

Deep in the depths of hell, Eugene (Ian Colletti) and Hitler (Noah Taylor) have successfully sought refuge in the hole. Where Eugene has to live through his hell and try to resist the inevitable outcome from happening.… More

Preacher (S02E11) "Backdoors"

Flashbacks to memories that Jesse (Dominic Cooper) has fought so hard to keep hidden, with an 80’s horror movie vibe we are welcomed into the eclectic world of Preacher once more.… More

Preacher (S02E10) "Dirty Little Secret"

With Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) in the picture, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) may be able to find the answers he has been desperately seeking, but nothing comes for free in this world.… More

Preacher (S02E09) "Puzzle Piece"

Tensions are running high within the tight-knit trio. Each are wrapped up in their own little world. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is still on his never-ending quest for god.… More

Preacher (S02E08) "Holes"

We are back in hell, and things aren’t going so well for Eugene (Ian Colletti). The powers that be have been keeping a close eye on our poor Arseface, so he has to make sure there are no slip-ups in the kindness department.… More

Preacher (S02E07) "Pig"

Back story time. We are transported into the world that is Herr Starr, (Pip Torrens) and get to see some of his roots.… More

Preacher (S02E06) "Sokosha"

Spoilers are unavoidable in an episode that create so many revelations. You have been warned.

This episode was a whirlwind of activity from start to finish.… More