Real Housewives Of Melbourne (S04E05) "Sally Can’t Wait"

Reality TV fans hope that story lines are turned up a few notches by mid-season, and this episode has all the drama they are looking for.  The episode begins at home with Venus and her sister Rebecca.  We learn that Rebecca has broken up with her fiancé and they are waiting to meet with their father to break the news to him.… More

Real Housewives Of Melbourne (S04E04) "Dishing The Dirt"

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From photo-gate to bushfires, this episode packs a solid housewives punch.  We begin with Gamble and Sally at lunch.  Sally gave Gamble rave reviews of Luke’s 21st.  Gamble mentioned her lunch with Gina, telling Sally that she felt excluded from Gina’s dinner.  She also said that Gina is really close to Venus, and Gamble doesn’t trust Venus after hearing what Janet told them last episode regarding ‘photo-gate.’  Yes, we are reluctantly calling it ‘photo-gate’ now as it seems this story line is here to stay this season.… More

Real Housewives of Melbourne (S04E03) “Midsummer Madness”

Episode 3 begins at lunch with Gina, Lydia and Venus.  The girls are reviewing their night at Janet’s party and they’re chatting about the Lord & Lady Titles that Gamble gave to Janet.  Venus says that she feels Gamble was trying to make fun of her husband James by buying the novelty Titles and points out that James’ Title of Lord is in his passport, so it is the real thing.  Lydia is unimpressed and points out to us that Australians are egalitarian and Titles mean little here.… More