Requiem (S01E06) "Carys"

The following contains spoilers.

I cannot recommend this series enough. It is a hauntingly beautiful story, and the music draws you in deeper.… More

Requiem (S01E05) "Bessie"

Things are starting to come to a head in this quaint little town. We are given a glimpse at the underground world going on within the community, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to pin point who can and cannot be trusted.… More

Requiem (S01E04) "Blaidd Carreg"

Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is being plagued by ominous voices and reoccurring black outs. Missing pieces of her memory it’s making her decline more noticeable.… More

Requiem (S01E03) "The Necklace"

Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is relentless in her endeavors to prove that she is the missing girl. While the coincidences keep stacking up, does it prove that she is Carys?… More

Requiem (S01E02) "The Blue Room"

After one of her dreams lead her to a hidden door in the floor, revealing a disturbing room, Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is more determined than ever to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Carys.… More

Requiem (S01E01) "Matlida"


Requiem is one of the newest series to hit Netflix. Promising to be a dark unraveling with supernatural edges is sure to pique the viewers interest.More