Riverdale (S02E22) “Brave New World”

With this episode we mark the end of season two of Riverdale. And what a mind blowing finale this was despite my earlier reservations on the finale this was slightly above my expectations.… More

Riverdale (S02E20) "Shadow of a Doubt"

Another mind blowing episode of Riverdale which is building up to an amazing finale. With the way the events keeps on unfolding fans have set up high hopes for the finale to blow their minds and these past few episodes leave us with no doubt that the writers will deliver an epic finale.… More

Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"

ver - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
The return of Nick St. Claire in this episode was unnecessary plot filler but with the way the events played out could this mean a war has been waged between the Lodges and the St.Claires.… More

Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

Musical episodes in shows have always been somewhat cringy but the incorporation of an actual musical to this episode was a smart move to make as it stitched together an amazing episode.… More

Riverdale (S02E16) "Primary Colors"

Drama runs high in this episode when the Lodge’s plans for Riverdale get revealed and we see the core 4 try their best not to let it affect their friendship but alas there’s no running from the truth.… More

Riverdale (S02E15) "There Will Be Blood"

This episodes was all I had imagined and beyond the writers really seem to be on a roll week and week again by delivering spectacular episodes and the actors too seem to be giving amazing performances.… More