Scandal (S06E013) “The Box”

Review: This episode was very intense and it takes place on the same day as last week’s episode 6-12.


As the episode begins we see Luna Vargas thanking Mellie for the nominee and in the first minute of the show, the real action begins.… More

Scandal (S06E12) “Mercy”

Review: This episode featured all the main characters from Scandal and all the White House characters apart from Abby in one room.… More

Scandal (S06E11) “Trojan Horse”

image2 - Scandal (S06E11) "Trojan Horse"

Review: The election is finally over and Mellie Grant is the next President of the United States…

First things first: David Rosen and Ruland getting their freak on had to be the most awkward-in-a-funny-way scene.… More

Scandal (S05E21): “That’s My Girl”

Review: We are down to two presidential candidates, Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas. In this episode we see how each candidate is trying to find the perfect vice-President.More

Scandal (S05E19): “Buckle Up”

Review: Mellie, Hollis and Susan are preparing to meet the Governor of Florida, Louise Baker, and get her endorsement. And so everybody needs to buckle up, because they are heading to the sunshine State to have dinner.More

Scandal (S5E18): “Till Death Do Us Part”

Review: Last we saw of Olivia was her standing over a dead body and being delivered to Rowan and Jake, because she needed help getting her life back on track and deal with what she’s done.More