How to Get Away With Scandal (S04E13) "Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania"

***spoilers ahead***

First off let me say that as a white woman I feel inadequate at best to review last night’s epic Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder episodes. With a searing commentary on the criminal justice system and how racism is, as Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) says, “built into the DNA of our country” these episodes were hard-hitting and truly beautiful to watch.… More “How to Get Away With Scandal (S04E13) "Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania"”

Scandal (S06E14) “Head Games”

Review: This episode had the biggest twist at the end, Maya Pope is back and she is what the finale needs.

The episode starts off with Marcus in the briefing room, telling the reporters that the threat has been neutralized and that president Grant will be passionate and eager to do anything in his final days of presidency.… More “Scandal (S06E14) “Head Games””

Scandal (S06E12) “Mercy”

Review: This episode featured all the main characters from Scandal and all the White House characters apart from Abby in one room. From all the promos and sneak peeks posted, I had the idea that this was going to the episode in which all these great minds come together and think of a plan to take down Peus and Ruland.… More “Scandal (S06E12) “Mercy””

Scandal (S05E17): “Thwack!”

Review: Last episode we saw how Olivia wants to play fair and square while taking down her opponents to win this election. So no more dirty tricks and paying people off etc.  But this was before there was a potential leak that threatens all the candidates or at least Mellie, Fitz and Elizabeth (and therefore Susan) and Cyrus.More “Scandal (S05E17): “Thwack!””

Scandal (S05E14): “I See You”

Review: Times have changed. I remember when Jake was keeping an eye on Olivia and following her every move. Well Olivia is returning the favor. She has Quinn and Charlie install camera’s in Jakes apartment, while she is having dinner with papa Pope, Jake and his new fiancée to celebrate their engagement.More “Scandal (S05E14): “I See You””

Scandal Season 1

This series started out like any other lawyer type series where a case comes and at the end of the day it gets solved. 

But the unique part was it was great in the part where they come up with the way of winning the case.More “Scandal Season 1”