The Campaign to #SaveScorpion

The Campaign to #SaveScorpion brings awareness on how to save Scorpion which got cancelled at CBS after 4 seasons. Fans are trying to bring it back to life.

Scorpion (S04E17) "Dumbster Fire"

Team Scorpion ventured into uncharted territory this week, when our favourite geniuses, stuck underground becoming dumber by the second, needed to rely on the superior intellect of Paige (Katharine McPhee) and Cabe (Robert Patrick) to rescue them from their latest precarious situation.… More

Scorpion (S04E16) “Nerd, Wind and Fire”

In lieu of an episode next week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day a week early on Scorpion and Walter (Elyes Gable) is determined to put all of his research into this holiday to good use and “check all the boxes” needed for a good Valentine’s Day – even though Paige (Katharine McPhee) has come down with a bout of the flu.… More

Scorpion (S04E06) "Queen Scary"

images 220256652 - Scorpion (S04E06) "Queen Scary"This episode like always didn’t dissapoint and it had a little of everything. The Scorpion writers know how to write a well balanced episode because at the end of every episode they leave you wanting more.… More

Scorpion  (S04E05) "Sci Hard"

With every episode Scorpion get better and better. It’s never a bore to watch an episode of Scorpion and episode 5 was no different.… More

Scorpion (S04E03) "Grow A Deer, A Female Deer"

The episode began with Sly practising his speech to acquire space for the library , when Patty comes in to requests Sly to let her go in order to intern some where else.Patty is a good example to young kids because she’s driven and has ambitions, despite being outspoken she was a good character addition to this episode.… More