The Campaign to #SaveScorpion

The Campaign to #SaveScorpion brings awareness on how to save Scorpion which got cancelled at CBS after 4 seasons. Fans are trying to bring it back to life.

Scorpion (S04E15) "Wave Goodbye"

Fans of ‘Quintis’ may have been forgiven for being a little worried after seeing the title and trailer for this episode. Other than the giant Tsunami heading towards the team, there was an obvious double entendre with this title, especially given the trailer showing Toby (Eddie Kay Thomas) getting a little too close to ex-fiancé Amy (Shantel VanSanten).… More “Scorpion (S04E15) "Wave Goodbye"”

Scorpion (S04E02) "More Extinction"

screenshot 2017 10 04 00 00 10 11958582772 - Scorpion (S04E02) "More Extinction"
Following last week’s story we see team Scorpion faced with one of their biggest challenges yet: the end of the world in 90 days. Cade call Homeland to ask for back up in order to avert the crisis as they have less than 3 hours to maintain the situation before the methane seeping our of the cracks becomes a sufficient amount to cause the end of the world, but their request gets turned down and they are left on their own to solve the mess.… More “Scorpion (S04E02) "More Extinction"”