Shadowhunters (S03E13) “Beati Bellicosi”

Trouble in Downworld (and finally giving Maia a storyline)

In “Beati Bellicosi”, the flow of the – already rather short – season 3B is interrupted as the search for Jonathan is warranted but then put aside as the focus shifts on another villain, underwhelming and less world-threatening.… More

#SaveShadowhunters: The Hunt for a Renewal

Earlier last week Freeform’s breakout hit Shadowhunters was suddenly canceled and would wrap up the show with a two episode finale that would air including the rest of season 3 next spring.More

Shadowhunters (S03E02) "The Powers That Be" Review

Not going to lie: Shadowhunters is only on episode 2 of its junior year and it was already a filler. Enjoyable and emotional, but still a filler episode nonetheless, that didn’t further the plot in any way.… More