#SaveShadowhunters: The Hunt for a Renewal

Earlier last week Freeform’s breakout hit Shadowhunters was suddenly canceled and would wrap up the show with a two episode finale that would air including the rest of season 3 next spring.More

Shadowhunters (S03E02) "The Powers That Be" Review

Not going to lie: Shadowhunters is only on episode 2 of its junior year and it was already a filler. Enjoyable and emotional, but still a filler episode nonetheless, that didn’t further the plot in any way.… More

Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery

After watching Shadowhunters this season, the moment which never leaves my mind is “Dead Dead Dead”. With that being said, I set out to interview the star portraying the role Lola Flanery herself and ask her about her career, current plans and what holds in for her in the future.… More

Shadowhunters (S01E10): “This World Inverted”


In tonight’s episode of shadowhunters, we saw a alternate reality of the world that Clary lives in. They did a fabulous job on this episode, the writers really showed a contrast to the characters and it was really intriguing to watch. 

Meliorn helps them on their Mission to find Valentine, by letting CLary venture into the other dimension.More