Speechless (S01E19) “C-H–CHEATER”

Review: Last night Speechless delivered its best and most realistic episode yet. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Speechless is the best new comedy of this season, funny and relatable for everybody, if you’re in a special needs family or not.… More

Speechless (S01E04) “I-N-S-Inspirations”

Review: I don’t do weekly reviews for Speechless, but with a storyline this relatable, I just had to write something. First of all, in the first 4 weeks, I think Speechless established itself as a well-balanced comedy, with a lot of heart and I’ve really enjoyed the episodes so far.… More

Speechless (S01E01) “P-I-Pilot”

Review: As if ABC’s comedy lineup wasn’t diverse enough, this season the network adds a show that focuses on a family with a special needs child.… More