FOX 2019-2020 Fall TV Schedule

As Upfronts Week 2019 is underway with NBC released on Sunday. On Monday, Fox announced as the second broadcast TV network of its fall tv schedule with some changes and announcements.… More

Star (S02E18) “Thirty Days To Famous”

It’s the season finale and the girls are at it again. Like all things of the iconic 3, they have their moments of zaniness, fun & fighting, like: The 3 Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Manny, Moe & Max, The Supremes, TLC &  Destiny ‘s Child.More

Star (S02E17) “Mrs Rivera”

20180516 193218 280x300 - Star (S02E17) "Mrs Rivera"By the end of the show, Mrs Rivera, contemplates leaving for fear of  deportation of Mr Rivera 😍

But before then, Alex is talking to the paparazzi without Take3.More

Star (S02E12) "Dreamers"

I think star killed her mother. She’s dreaming or hallucinating, seeing her everywhere.  🤔
Never the less Angel’s singing.More